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Historical backgroung
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Born from a deep-rooted winegrowing background, it was only in 1986 that we dedicated ourselves entirely to our passion for wine: we consequently sold all our other businesses in the field of hi-tech ventilated suits.

This choice was matured through long consideration and thought for both quality and environment-friendliness. Our goal was clear : produce the best wine in each of our appellations while preserving nature and man. We therefore acquired new lands, broadening our vineyard and enriching our appellations, with new cherished parcels of land, as was the case for Châteauneuf du Pape, in 1989.

In time, we thus constituted a 60 hectares vineyard, on 38 different plots of land, in 8 different districts. This parcelling of our lands provides us with a rich, wide range of soils and microclimates.

Faithful to our passion for the woodcock, we decided to name the Domaine after its “poetical” nickname : La Mordorée ; we then used two other nicknames for our two other vintages : “La Dame Rousse” (the Redheaded Lady) “La Reine des Bois” (the Queen of the Woods).