Condrieu : The new border of Domaine de la Mordorée
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  Condrieu : The new border of Domaine de la Mordorée
2011 Press

In 2004 we finally started planting on a hillside acquired in 1992 and located in Condrieu AOC.
This is an exciting challenge for us, because we will learn to make wine differently, a pure Viognier. The cultivation of these vineyards has been put in the care of local winemaker Anthony Paret.
Production will be ridiculously low, in fact only a few hundred bottles will be produced, but we have great ambitions for this beautiful terroir, which produces one of the greatest white wines in France.

Before clearing the hillside.


The slopes after deforestation on the south, south-east side, in Paton in the commune of Malleval, total: 0.759 hectares.


An old Viognier rootstock; this hill was abandoned in the sixties because cultivation could not be mechanized.


An old “échallas”, a long chestnut wooden stick used to make tripods to train vines.


These endemic succulent plants are an indicator of the best vineyards of Condrieu. They only grow if there is the right micro-climate.


The bedrock is penetrated by tree roots, each crack is used to extract water and nutrients. The vines will follow the same path.


View from south of the first plantation.


Granite bedrock.


Preparing the plantation.


Here we see the bedrock appearing at the surface.


In 2004 the first plantings: 800 square meters. One has to begin somewhere.


A Viognier plant growing between granite and succulents: a touching moment and the beginning of a new story.

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