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Quality and environment
Quality & environment
• The Goals of our Domaine, the means and methods
A. Vine training
B. Vinification
Quality and environment in the Domaine de la Mordorée

The Goals of our Domaine, the means and methods

Many would believe a great wine is the fruit of an exceptional land, a favourable climate and quality grapes; that would be ignoring the essential factor : man. The quality of a man’s wine depends entirely on his ability to overcome difficulty and surpass himself.

More often than not we find worthless wines sold under prestigious appellations and, conversely, magnificent wines produced in underrated regions.

At the Domaine de la Mordorée we have chosen to give our very best to satisfy the connoisseurs’ thirst for quality. To reach this goal, our work is divided into two main sections :

A. Vine training

1. Pruning
2. Working the soil
3. Working on growing vines
4. Special vine care
5. The grape harvest

B. Vinification